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As an crash injury attorney, 1 word I often hear from customers is “overwhelming”. Among the biggest reasons people who’ve been hurt in an accident finally seek assistance from an lawyer is since they’re overwhelmed. The objective of this report is to provide a brief summary of the injury claim process in general, in addition to the different kinds of insurance coverage usually offered. Often times a situation gets less overwhelming when you’re able to see the forest through the trees. Remember that this is an overview. In case you were injured in a car collision, you should speak to your own legal counsel concerning the particular facts surrounding your situation, in addition to the applicable laws of your state.


You’re rear-ended with a 17 yr-old texting on their way to college. Initially, you’re stunned. It takes a moment that you realize what has just occurred. You escape the vehicle to assess the damage and be sure everyone is fine. You chastise the knucklehead kid behind you for not paying attention to the street, but at exactly the exact same time you assure him what will be fine.


Immediately following the collision, you’re contacted by the insurer for the child who rear-ended you. You voiced your concern concerning the pain in your neck and you will need a medical malpractice attorney chicago
; and you understand a claim was set up with the at-fault liability carrier, but you’re receiving countless bills in the mail for your medical treatment you’ve received so far, and you aren’t sure when the bills will be paid, what to do or what happens next?

Health Insurance

Among the main things when dealing with an accident claim is understanding what coverage you have available to you. Apart from the auto coverage for the individual who caused the collision, the first coverage you have available to you is the medical insurance coverage. Lots of men and women are reluctant to have their medical bills processed with their medical care insurance provider after an incident. The failure of injured parties to submit their invoices to health insurance is because of misunderstanding regarding how the claims procedure works, but this failure is also due in large part to the reinforcement of medical care providers. Many physicians encourage patients to not have their invoices submitted to medical insurance in the hopes that the supplier will have the ability to recover more if they’re paid directly from the automobile liability carrier. Medical insurance carriers have negotiated lower rates with health care providers, and whether the providers submit their patients’ bills to health insurance, they’ll be forced to take a contractual decrease in their cost for services rendered.

Typically, you want your invoices to be submitted to medical insurance. First, because submitting your invoices to your medical insurance carrier will help keep you from being sent to collections. To put it differently, the automobile carrier providing coverage won’t pay your bills as you receive treatment. The liability carrier is only going to pay as soon as you’ve reached settlement of your claim, or you’ve won a verdict in your favor at trial. Getting your bills submitted to your medical insurance carrier will help keep you from being sent to collections.

The second reason you want your invoices to be processed by your medical insurance provider is the contractual reduction. From the medical bills being filed to medical insurance, you get to benefit from the contractually adjusted rates payable on your behalf.

The next reason to have your invoices processed by your medical insurance provider is subrogation. Subrogation, in regards to an accident claim, has to do with your medical insurance provider’s right to be reimbursed for any medical payments which were made in your behalf for treatment of injuries suffered in the collision. There are a variety of laws concerning subrogation which vary from state to statenonetheless, there are times when your insurance carrier isn’t entitled to full compensation, or reimbursement in any respect. In the circumstance where your carrier isn’t entitled to repayment, submitting your invoices to health insurance can save you thousands of dollars.

Medical payment coverage, commonly called “medpay”, is policy you might have with your own auto insurance carrier that provides for payment of medical bills in case that you or someone in your car is injured in an accident. When available, medical payment policy provides for payment of medical bills regardless of who was responsible for the crash and call a Criminal defense attorney Pittsburgh. Like health insurance, a medpay provider might be entitled to subrogation as soon as your injuries were caused by the negligence of another individual. And like health insurance, in addition, there are certain conditions in which subrogation isn’t essential, or not permitted.

Underinsured motorist coverage is coverage available to you through your own automobile insurance whenever you’re injured by somebody who doesn’t have sufficient in liability policy to cover the injuries you suffered in the accident; Quite simply, someone who is “underinsured”. There are typically many legal hoops to jump through before it is possible to recover benefits under your underinsured motorist policy coverage. Most states require that all automobile insurance policies have a particular minimum amount of both uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage.


The goal whenever you have any harm is to become better. This is not any different with an accident case. The best thing you can do if you’ve been hurt in an auto accident is to keep on top of your therapy and take whatever steps are essential to return to being 100%. Additionally it is important you not try to negotiate your claim until you and your lawyer know about the full extent of your injuries. If at all possible, it’s always best to wait until you’re either completely healed or have attained maximum medical improvement (MMI) before sending your requirement to the insurance provider. You only get one chance, so you better know what you’re doing to the best extent possible.


As soon as you are better, or have reached MMI, then it’s time to send your first requirement to the carrier providing insurance coverage for the person who caused the collision. To ascertain what amount of money you originally demand, you’ll have to explore all pertinent information specific to your situation. Local laws, jury pools as well as the expense of litigation will also be taken into account when trying to estimate your case worth.

As soon as you’ve filed your formal demand, you’ve essentially begun the negotiation procedure. At this time, either your claim becomes settled, or additional action is taken in the shape of a formal litigation.

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