Brain Injury

A severe brain injury is traumatic and can be life altering. It isn’t only the victim who suffers; it’s a scary and frightening time for both the victim and the families and loved ones that are involved. Sometimes, there’s only a seemingly simple accident, something that happens everyday like a car crash or falling and slipping on a badly lit stairway that may cause a traumatic brain injury. Regardless of the cause, possibly from an automobile collision, a bad fall or a sports related injury accident that has caused some kind of brain trauma you might not initially be aware that an accident has actually happened. Things may seem to be quite normal initially, but then a few things start to look out of the bounds of normal behavior or reactions. Your family and loved ones, or perhaps even the victim, may start to notice some strange behavior. Things like tiredness, irritability and some confusion and disorientation may start to be noticed.

Often the reason behind such behavior is by the swelling of the mind, and must be able to be diagnosed readily, but can be overlooked. An intracranial injury isn’t always obvious from the beginning. In the event of a closed head injury, diagnoses would most likely involve a CAT Scan or an MRI. Severity of a TBI can range from mild, as in a small concussion, but it may also include damage to regions beyond the brain, like the skull and scalp. More readily diagnosed is if the brain injury is open, or has a clear injury when the first incident as possible.

Traumatic Brain Injury is a significant cause of death and severe disability, especially in children and young adults. Brain trauma can happen because of an impact to the head. Impact may be something brought on by sudden acceleration or deceleration inside the cranium, such as being severely jarred in an automobile crash, or by a fall and hitting the mind. Brain trauma may also be brought on by a secondary injury, which could result from a change in the cerebral blood circulation and increasing pressure within the skull.

In case you or a loved one has suffered a head injury which was caused in part by someone’s negligence, then you need representation by an experienced lawyer, a person who’s skilled in assisting you to find your way through the complicated and challenging situation of learning to handle a severe brain injury.

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